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Unique bloodlines combined with the world's best damlines.



A Website full of offers and sales of frozen embryos, embryos and foals up to 3 years old.

The ICSI foals have arrived !

 When humans take over nature ...

An ever-evolving market with new and better techniques. 

By using the latest techniques, only the best pedigree remains. It's going faster and faster ! A pre-orded super star ! 

Embryo for sale is a platform that brings people with a passion closer together. A platform where breeders, dealers, riders and hobbyists meet. 
A safe platform where embryos and foals are offered and sold in a fair, correct and honest atmosphere.


Implanted embryos

Guaranteed pregnancy with health certificate mare


Frozen Embryos

Not yet implanted, cheaper and it's up to you to choose the time of implantation

Foals up to 3 years old

Do you want the choice ? Mare or stallion foal ? All foals are medically certified and provided with a health certificate.

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