What happens when we buy an embryo  ?

When you buy an embryo, it is already implanted .

The price you pay is exclusive VAT and including the use of the recipient and extra cost for gestation . After you have weaned your foal , you need to return the recipient

( in good health ) back to the original owner.

We try to work as much as possible with our own reliable recipients.

In some situations, the embryo is carried by the donor mare.

In this case, the mare stays with the current owner until the foal can be weaned, at the latest at 5 months of age. The responsibility of the mare and foal transfers to the buyer from the moment the contract of sale is signed. It is then up to the buyer to insure the foal. In advance, a fixed fee is agreed between the buyer and the seller regarding the stabling and feed of the mare and foal. Additional costs: medical, veterinarian visits, deworming, blacksmith, etc. are at all times for the buyer and must be paid additionally.

Abnormalities in the arrangements with donor mares and/or recipients are always possible and must be by mutual agreement and by signed contract by both seller and buyer.

When you buy a frozen embryo, it is up to the customer to arrange a recipient and  the implantation. The price you pay only includes the purchase of the embryo and is exclusive VAT. You can insure the embryo for transportation, implantation and gestation.

What about the price ?

All prices are exclusive of costs and VAT

The sale is only concluded after the contract has been signed and the full amount paid within 5 day's after checkout.
We cannot be held responsible should a foal/embryo die, be unhealthy or show any kind of defect what so ever.
We are not responsible for any errors in our descriptions. This can not effect a sale of a horse/foals/embryo

Participation in this sale implies the express and unreserved knowledge and acceptance of these auction conditions.

The horse/foals/embryos are sold in the condition they were in at the time of the sale.

Payments are made in EURO

Any liability in respect of the sold horse/foals/embryos shall pass to the Buyer 5 days after assignment.

What happens when we buy a foal ?

All the foals who are offered for sale are weaned and ready to leave to it's new owner . All foals are chipped, inspected by a veterinarian and will be sold with Passport.

As long as the foal is not sold, the current owner is responsible for the health and maintenance of the foal.
In the case of a sale, there must be an agreement as to the time and transport of the foal. The agreement should be contractual  and signed by both parties . From the date of sale , the new owner is responsible for the insurance of the foal.

What about responsibilities ?

Any liability in respect of the sold horse/foals/embryos shall pass to the Buyer 5 days after assignment.
*The legal relationship lies directly between the Buyer and the Seller, on the understanding that with regard to the Buyer, the Seller and not Embryo For Sale is liable for every shortcoming that the foals may show after the sale.
*Delivery shall take place in mutual consultation with the Seller but in any case after payment of the settlement amount.
*The information concerning the horse/foals/embryos is only intended to give an impression of the horse/foals/embryos, without pretending to be complete and without giving any guarantees in this respect. *When describing a lot on its website, Embryo For Sale depends on the information provided by a seller or third parties about the lot.
*Embryo For Sale is not liable for any printing errors and/or material errors on its website and online catalogue.
*in the event of a dispute between the parties, the Commercial Court of Antwerp, shall have exclusive jurisdiction


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