Implanted embryos

Guaranteed pregnancy with health certificate mare

When you buy an embryo, it is already implanted .

The price you pay is exclusive VAT and including the use of the recipient and extra cost for gestation . After you have weaned your foal , you need to return the recipient

( in good health ) back to the original owner.

We try to work as much as possible with our own reliable recipients.

In some situations, the embryo is carried by the donor mare.

In this case, the mare stays with the current owner until the foal can be weaned, at the latest at 5 months of age. The responsibility of the mare and foal transfers to the buyer from the moment the contract of sale is signed. It is then up to the buyer to insure the foal. In advance, a fixed fee is agreed between the buyer and the seller regarding the stabling and feed of the mare and foal. Additional costs: medical, veterinarian visits, deworming, blacksmith, etc. are at all times for the buyer and must be paid additionally.

Abnormalities in the arrangements with donor mares and/or recipients are always possible and must be by mutual agreement and by signed contract by both seller and buyer.


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