Breeding with a young, emerging talent or do you choose a proven bloodline ?

It is autumn, the breeding season is over. Most breeders are making their plans for next year this winter. But how do they do that? On what basis do they make a selection ?

Do they choose a young stallion ? One who still has to prove himself in the sport ?

Or do they choose for the commerce and thereby choose an already proven stallion ?

The first is necessary to create new bloodlines and is of course cheaper. You are breeding on pedigree and hope...

The second one gives you a little more certainty about your foal.

You know if the foal will sell good on auctions or has the talent to be a top sport horse.

Do you choose for your hobby and breed with what you think will work, or do you choose for the commerce and the sales ? Or can the first only exist combined with the second ?

"A good foal from a young stallion from an interesting mother is the most interesting

to purchase" Paul Hendrix

"Young stallions must be given opportunities so we can discover the new talents" Johan Knaap

What is your opinion ?

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