ET, OPU, and ICSI, yay or nay ?

An ever evolving market. An eternally progressive fact. Always more... more special, more exceptional, more embryos with less sperm, more...

Not only sport and the sales have undergone an enormous evolution in recent years, science followed aswell ...

Today you can create a foal with 1 simple sperm cell and 1 simple egg . Yes ! 1 simple sperm cell ...

We used to use at least 1 straw of semen when we inseminate, today you can easily cut your straw into 7 pieces. 7 times more foals from the same number of sperm cells.

If you are lucky with harvesting the eggs, it may be that you have about 20 eggs and therefor 3 to 5 embryos with that 1/7th straw .

The world has evolved enormously in this area. But does everyone agree with this ?

There is nothing natural about it anymore, there are risks for your mare and of course it's not for free .

But ... suppose you only have 1 straw left of a very exceptional stallion... 1 straw ... Do you use that straw in the breeding season when your mare is in cycle ? With the chance that there is no embryo at all ? Or... do you choose opu and icsi ... With the chance that with 1/7th you already have more than 3 embryos ? If you count and know that it can become 7 times 3 with that same straw of sperm ... What would you do ? The temptation is big ...

I myself have given in several times. In the summer we flush our mares and in the winter certain mares leave for opu and icsi. What about you ? What is your opinion ?

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