How to feed your horses in winter ...

Ok, so before we start, this discussion is only about horses that stay outside during the cold winter months.

Most breeders always have some of their horses outside during the winter months. I used to think this was a sad thing for the animals, but experience and a lot of research later i knew i was completely wrong.

The horses are feeling better at fresh temperatures. Of course the horses have to be able to take shelter from rain and snow and they should not stand knees high deep in the mud.

Reference work even shows that horses are feeling at there best at temperatures between -5 degrees and +5 degrees. But the question remains, do you feed your horses differently than in the summer months? Do they get extra food ? Other kind of food ?

And what is your idea about feeding corn ? In this matter, there absolutely are 2 teams.

We give all our mares multiple full trough of corn each day.

Between the corn, there are carrots and soy shoots. Of course they also have unlimited access to silage or hay.

Corn are thickeners ! That is the first thing that team B shouts.

I believe that a mare who is not active in sport and stays outside during the cold days, can be a bit thicker than the other horses no ? What is your opinion ?

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