It is a win/win situation.

It's almost time! We are about to start selling Embryos for 2019.

From different angles ,

we are told that the first embryos have been made.

The owners are enthusiastic when they hear that their donor mare or surrogate mare is pregnant.

A condition for the sale of an embryo is that the embryo has at least reached the age of about 60 days.

Of course even after that it can go wrong, but after 60 days the chance is smaller.

We are eager to make 2019 even better than 2018 !

Do you have an embryo with an interesting bloodline that you wish to offer on our platform in a fair atmosphere ?

Here, you pay no entry fees, no publicity, nothing!

Only a small fee in case of an effective sale.

It is a win/win situation.

You only need to contact us via mail, social media, telephone, .... and we will do the rest !

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Tel. 0032 4 95 23 42 48

Antwerpen, België

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