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Ok, I would like to draw your attention to this embryo. As mentioned earlier in our blog, it is scientifically proven that the mother line is decisive in horse breeding.

I therefore would like to go more into detail about the Quannan R mare ...

  Quannan R was born and raised in the stables of Ludo Tielen ( www.regenwortelhoeve.be ) in Hoogstraten, Antwerp. It soon became clear that Quannan R was a stubborn and very smart horse. A real alpha male ! When he started his sports career, he didn't disappoint there either. Time and again he grew. If he made a mistake, it didn't happen a second time.

He grew to the heighest level really fast. Quannan R was the "ever performing stallion" and already noticed by several top riders. Eventually he was sold to Marc Bettinger ( Germany ) and the rest is history.

Together they won several big prizes on almost all continents of the world.

Quannan R with rider Marc Bettinger

Mother Nina R was an A Lucky one mare but never really active in the sport AND also owned by Ludo Tielen as breeding mare.

He have said goodbye to Quannan but had another son by Nina R ! This time he had combined the mare Nina with Chellano Z... Chill RZ was born !

Chill RZ with rider Charlie Jayne

Ludo never thought he would breed another horse like Quannan but he was wrong :-)

Chill RZ is probably even more famous than Quannan R and was recently sold to Eve Jobs in the USA.

It was rider Charlie Jayne who rode Chill to the absolute world top. When the horse left Charlie for Eve's stables, Charlie wrote an emotional farewell on social media. A horse like never before ...

Unfortunately mother Nina R died after the birth of Chill. Unfortunately even before ET and ICSI were known. A world tribe lost ... Or not ?

Ludo has a daughter of Quannan R called Deja Vu Van De Neerheide who also is doing very well in the sport. And as mentioned before it is the mother line that is important.

Deja Vu gave an Emerald N.O.P. son who, just like Quannan and Chill, goes in one straight line to the top. Etoile van de Neerheide stands out above all expectations and is an approved stallion for Zangersheide and AES. Zangersheide wrote about this stallion "The star shines brighter than ever". This exceptional bloodline doesn't seems lost after all ...

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