The influence of a surrogate mare on your unborn foal...

Opinions are divided on this subject. One says that the surrogate mare certainly has an influence on the unborn foal, while the other says that only the upbringing of the surrogate mare has an influence. But what exactly is true ?

Unfortunately, there is no scientific material to be found so no answers there...

Genetically, of course, the foal is already determined during fertilization. Nothing can be changed about this anymore. It's DNA.

But what about the size of your foal? Do you get a smaller foal if it is carried by a smaller surrogate mare ? or does the foal make up for the damage because the DNA determines that this foal should become a big horse ? A big question .....

Are you of the opinion that the upbringing of the foal by the surrogate mare has an influence. I am not talking about the qualities of the foal but only about the social behaviour ? Does a brutal, dominant mare teach her behaviour to the foal ?

What is your opinion about this?

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