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Athletic, talented, lightening fast reflexes and a great attitude – Canturano has the combination of traits that are necessary to reach high goals.

It´s no surprise this bay stallion ranks among the world´s top young sires. Canturano Z consistently sires good-looking horses with powerful builds and strong-willed personalities. This stallion is still in the early days of his breeding career but in the next few years we will most certainly hear a lot more from him. More than 50 of his offspring are presently active at 1.50m level and are chomping at the bit to climb the rungs to top levels!


The mare Kalamaki RZ ( 2015) is a daughter of Kannan and boy … Does she has talent ! This is probably the next and most promising offspring of sire Kannan !


As Cold As Ice Z perhaps is the most famous horse in the world. Judy-Ann Melchior was a pleasure to be seen with As cold as ice and lived up to expectations time and time again. In over 29 GP 5* competitions she was in the top 10.


And it doesn't stop there ! The 3rd mother is none other than Ragram Z (Ramiro Z ).


We also see in the dam line :

- Aglaya Z ( Agram ) and full sister of Agent ( Schockemohle's Olympic horse ).


In addition to that, we find the following 5* GP horses in the direct dam line:

- Popstar ( Popcorn ) 1m60 with Urmas Raag

- Magic Man ( Acord II ) 1m60 with Ben Asselin

- Resonanz ( Ritual ) 1m60 and Achen 2016 with Vladimir Beletskiy

- Frechdachs (Drosselklang II) 1m60 with Michael Whitaker and Otto Becker

- Caribis Z (Caritano Z) 1m60 and winner Honh Kong, St. Tropez, Mechelen, Estoril,

etc. with Christian Ahlmann

- Carlaya Z (Caretano) 1m60 with Judy-Ann Melchior

- Canasta Z (Canabis Z) 1m 60 with Lauren Hough

- Charisma Z (Goliath Z) 1m60 with Leslie Howard

- etc....


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Canturano X Damline As Cold as ice Z

  • Due Date: 12/03/2020

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