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Alicante, the beautiful gray stallion by Casall Ask is the winner of the Sires of the World 2016. He is characterised by his carefulness, his beautiful exterior and boundless ability. His progeny also jumps with the same sharp reflexes!  

And then the mare Sinessa, what a mare she is !

She is directly family to Vingino (1m60 and over 45 offspring international ! ), Wallstreet (1m50), Caramouche Z (1m55), Claire Z (1m60), Balougirl (1m45), Crespo VDL (1m45), Cartano 9 (1m45), Cronus VA ( 1m50), Chasse Spleen Z (1m50), ABC Trixi (1m60), Davados VDL (1m45), VDL group Verdi TN (1m60), Ducato M (1m60), Amerigo(1m60),  Quintana Roo 2 (1m60), ...

As you can see, there is no lack of talent and potential at this Lux X Cassini Mare.
It is almost guaranteed that this foal ( in combination with a Casall Ask son) is going to be born as the world's next super star.

Embryo Alicante X Lux

14.000,00 €Prijs
  • Damline Vingino, Claire Z, Verdi, etc.


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