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Having the 2006 World Champion Cumano as father, and Muguet du Manoir, who competed at international leval, as mother, Malito de Reve has built an excellent reputation based on his promising production.While his first products, currently aged 10, are noticed at international level, the successions is already assured: several of his foals are standing out. 

The mother is none other than the Levisto Z mare V-twist. This extremely talented mare with excellent pedigree has an amazing blood line !

She is direct family to Levisto Z (1m60), Clinton I (1m60), Clintura (1m60), Hirtin (1m60), Clinton II (1m60), Clintus (1m60), Clinton 3 (1m50), Caspa 7 (1m50), Linus 99 (1m60), Quac (1m50), Ipanema (1m55), Cashgirl 5 (1m50), Sonora La Silla (1m60),  Zodiac 4 (1m60), Sancha LS (1m60), Tizimin LS (1m60), Pusteblume (1m60), Zandor Z (1m60), Poor Boy (1m60), etc.

As you see, pedigree does not lie !!!

 In combination with Malito the Reves, this foal will have no lack of talent !


* this exceptional embryo is sold !

Embryo Malito de Reves X Levisto Z

12.000,00 €Prijs
  • Over thirteen 1m60 horses in motherline !


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