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It is becoming increasingly difficult for breeders to sell or auction there embryos and foals. First it is because auctions are only looking for the most exclusive foals or embryos. Also because of the arrival of ET and now ICSI, the supply of embryos and foals has never been so large. The most auctions have about 20 embryos and foals. Because of this a lot of people ( who are not selected ) have nowhere to go with there foals or embryos . We have experienced this ourselves on several occasions.

The question was "and what do we do now"?

So we came up with the idea to create a platform where we want to bring breeders, riders, traders and hobbyists together and offer embryos and foals up to 3 years old and this in a safe, friendly atmosphere. We offer frozen embryos, already implanted embryos and foals up to 3 years. 

This turned out to be an answer to the question of many people. We have been active for just over a half year now and have more than 18,000 followers on our Facebook. Our website is also visited daily by people all over the world. We are very pleased that people are finding their way to us. We would never have thought that it would all go so fast...

Many embryos and foals have already found a new home. We already sold to China, America, Hungary, Budapest, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Thailand, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark and so many more !

Take a look...

etoile op sprong.jpg
Corex RZ.jpg

Quidam de Revel X Damline Gamko-S

Etoile van de Neerheide X Contendro

Chacco-Me Biolley X Damline As Cold as ice Z

Colt by Cicero Z X Rex Z

Heartbeat X Lansing.jpg

Filly Aska Z X Quannan R

Colt by Heartbeat X Cor de la Bryere

Diamant de Semilly X Quasimodo Z

Cornet Obolensky X Carthago Z

etoile 2 ok.jpg
Cicero z 1.jpg

Etoile van de Neerheide X Damline Fein Cera

Colt By Heartbeat X Damline Quidam de Revel

Cicero Z X Damline Fein Cera

Heartbeat X Damline Gamko-S, Famko-S,...

Taloubet X Coco Ice ok.jpg
for pleasure 2.jpg
cold as ice z.jpg

Filly by Comilfo plus X Quannan R

Colt by Taloubet Z X Damline As Cold as Ice Z

For Pleasure X Damline Gamko-S, Famko-S, ...

Canturano X Damline As cold as ice Z

quidamderevel (1).jpg

Dominator X Damline Etoile van de Neerheide Z

Diamant de Semilly X Damline Gamko-S, Famko-s?...

Filly By Carthago Z X Damline Fein Cera

Quidam de Revel X Damline Gamko-S

Aganix 3.jpg

Camargo X Damline As Cold as Ice Z

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve X Damline As Cold As ice Z

Aganix Du Seigneur X Kannan

Heartbeat X Carthago Z


Colt by President X Kashmir van't Schuttershof

Diamant de Semilly X Carthago Z

Cornet Obolensky X Chatman X Cassini

Cornet Obolensky X Carthago Z

Cicero z 2.jpg
rex z.jpg
Veulens 3.jpg

Emerald van't Ruytershof X Elvis ter Putte

Cicero Z X Lansing X Cor de la Breyre

Colt by Cicero Z X Rex Z

Filly by Vainquer R X Rex Z

Etoile van de Neerheide.jpg
download George Z.jpg

Corico X Rex Z

Etoile van de Neerheide X Damline Chellano Z

George Z X Damline Fein Cera

Heartbreaker X Carthago Z

casall ask.jpg
Bamako de muze.jpg
for pleasure 2.jpg
Carthago Z.jpg

Casall Ask X Chellano Z

Bamako De Muze X Carthago

For Pleasure X Carthago

Carthago X Full sister to Valentina van't Heike


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